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This is the archive of, published from 2006-2013, a sustainability blog focused on cities. Photo: Champ de blé en Côte d’Or, Bourgogne, France. By Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Earth Day Network: The Face of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Since its inception April 22, 1970, Earth Day has steadily become one of the most celebrated of environmental events, observed by an estimated one billion people. Here’s founder Earth Day Network‘s online bulletin board of people around the world working on environmental projects and a sustainable future. Click here to add your…

Mayflower Arkansas Oil Spill Hillbillies

Some college kids got together and riffed on the Beverly Hillbillies theme, but set in Mayflower, Arkansas, the scene of a major Exxon oil pipeline spill. Information about the spill has been tightly controlled by Exxon. Enjoy the video, then be sure to submit your public comment to the State Dept before April 22nd! Background…

Mayflower Tar Sands Spill Shows What Can Go Wrong With Keystone XL

Public comment is being accepted until April 22nd for the Keystone XL Pipeline project which would transport, via pipeline, nine times as much crude as the pipeline that just ruptured in Mayflower Arkansas. You cannot clean up oil once it’s in the dirt, the water, coating wildlife. And you can’t eat it either, it’s not…

Green At Home

The Urban Homestead Do more at home to live sustainably. Tips for energy efficiency and do-it-yourself steps for creating your renewable energy home using solar, wind, and other methods. View “Your Renewable Home” on Spundge

Clean Up Continues after Oil Pipeline Rupture in Mayflower, Arkansas

Clean up continues after the rupture earlier this week of a 60 year old Exxon pipeline in Mayflower, Arkansas. Independent news accounts have been difficult to come by as Exxon has been controlling the area, and press have not been able to document the full extent of the damage. The spill occurred March 29th, but…

Robots Closer to Humanoid Movements

Is this a human or a ‘droid? Boston Dynamics PETMAN robot is used to test hazardous materials gear. The robot has sensors on its ‘skin’ to detect chemical leaks. It’s skin sweats to regulate temperature.