Senator Marco Rubio Skeptical About Climate Change

Senator Marco Rubio says that he believes that there is a credible argument to be made that climate change is not man-made, and more importantly, he said, there may be nothing government can or should do about it.

He also said that the US shouldn’t pass any laws unless other big polluter countries, like China, agree to also pass such laws, an argument that’s effectively halted international agreement on addressing climate change for nearly thirty years.

“We can pass a law that prohibits X. It has this dollar impact on the economy, which is devastating,” he said. “But what’s the benefit of it? Will it have a direct benefit on actually turning around these climate changes we’re trying to address? And that’s where I think this whole thing breaks down.”

The Huffington Post picked up this clip, and policy analyst Zack Carter shrewdly pointed out that climate change legislation would likely only be devastating to incumbent fossil fuel industries, but other sectors, like wind power, for instance, would do just fine.

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