Theo Colborn: Chemicals in Environment Cause Endocrine Disruption

periodic_table_by_ze_lena-d4o5b75Dr. Theo Colborn, founder of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) explains in chilling detail the extent to which US industry dumps under-regulated industrial chemicals into the environment, and the health problems endocrine disruptors cause humans, including ADHD, diabetes, autism, thyroid disorders, infertility, and abnormal gonadal development. Not stuff you want.

The problem is, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which regulates industrial chemicals, was passed in 1976, and grandfathered in most of the chemicals that were then in use. Since its introduction, tens of thousands of new chemicals have been introduced via products and processes to the American public. And it’s not about quantity. Even small amounts of some chemicals can cause problems.

Scientists like Colborn have been building a body of evidence that supports a clear mandate: these chemicals need to be better regulated! This is why it’s vital that an updated Safe Chemicals Act that protects the environment and the public be passed by Congress.

Here is Dr. Colborn of TEDX on TEDTalks, telling you in her own words why protecting the public against these poorly regulated industrial chemicals is at the top of her “bucket list.”

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