Green Eugene Eco Home Tour

This eco-conscious resident of Eugene, OR takes viewers on a tour of her renewable home, featuring gardens based on permaculture principles, complete insulation, solar energy, water catchment systems, and recycled materials. Very impressive!

San Francisco Zero Waste by 2020

GreenMarketingTV talks with San Francisco Department of the Environment’s Jared Blumenfeld about the ambitious sustainability goals for the city, which include:

  • Zero Waste by 2020
  • A Ban on Plastic Bags
  • Elimination of Worst Pesticides
  • All Buildings Follow LEED-Gold Standard
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits for Homeowners
  • Affordable Energy Audits for Business
  • Citywide Composting and Recycling

Pier 11 Designs Displayed Wednesday

The Planning Committee of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) will present the designs of the four finalists being considered for creating a public park at Pier 11, as part of a larger design including a municipal building and the intersection of Race and Columbus Boulevard. The event takes place Wednesday, June 17th, from 6…

Call Bob Brady to Save Northeastern

Coalition to Save Northeastern- Almost 100 supporters of Northeastern Hospital, including community members, employees, Temple students, and Senator Larry Farnese energetically picketed Temple’s “Acres of Diamonds” fundraising gala at the Union League Saturday evening. The formally dressed attendees paid at least $500 for dinner to hear Ann Weaver Hart, president of Temple talk about their…

Politics As Usual?

Green City Journal hosted a forum on November 8th for the closing night of Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association’s (PIFVA) expo “Politics As Usual?”, which highlighted political documentaries made by local filmmakers. I moderated a forum with local activists: Jerry Silberman, sustainability advocate and negotiator for PASNAP , Philly for Change’s David Sternberg, Casino…

Bitter In Philadelphia

I think Obama is right on when he describes voters in our state as frustrated and bitter. I know I am. I’ve been fighting the location of two state mandated casinos on our Delaware waterfront for the last two years, along with countless other residents who don’t want to see their family-friendly neighborhoods decimated because…

PBS Nature’s “Silence of the Bees” Examines Colony Collapse Disorder

PBS Nature aired a special episode on bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the phenomenon where millions of honey bees inexplicably disappeared over the 2006-07 winter, causing their hives to collapse. CCD threatens world food supplies as bees pollinate 80% of all food crops. Watch the full episode of “Silence of the Bees” at the…