Casino Free Tries to ‘Beat the House’

Casino Free Philadelphia release

The materials are printed. The action is planned. On Saturday, June 6, Casino-Free Philadelphia will conduct a series of peaceful actions at Harrah’s Chester to call attention to the predatory practices of the casino industry. Anti-casino allies from Pittsburgh, Massachusetts and Chicago will be on their way shortly. And last night, we had more than 30 anti-casino activists from around Philadelphia trained for “Beat the House”, happening this Saturday at Harrah’s casino in Chester.

It’s not too late for you to join this historic event! Sign up for “Beat the House” now .

In order to participate in the action inside the casino, you will need to be able to attend the training Saturday morning in downtown Philadelphia (transportation will be available to the casino after the training). The training is at 718 Market St. from 11AM- 1PM.

If your friends and family can’t make the training on Saturday morning, or won’t join you inside the casino, they can still participate by joining in the action outside.

Casino-Free Philadelphia sent a letter to Chester residents telling them about this planned action. In it, the organization called attention to the fact that “Casino-Free Philadelphia is a grassroots organization funded by member donations. Our actions during Beat the House will be conducted in an orderly fashion and will pose no harm to casino personnel, patrons or property.”

Go to Casino-Free Philadelphia’s website for more info.

2009-06-05 14:38:18

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