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This year’s National Media Reform Conference is in Minneapolis, Minnesota (an awesome town). All the bright lights in the fight for media reform are gathered here- Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, Arianna Huffington, Bob McChesney- as well as Philadelphia’s righteous Prometheus Radio Project.

It seems strange to me to think there may still be people in this country unaware of the fact that 90+% of all national media outlets, including magazines, TV, cable and radio, are owned by six mega-corporations. Viacom, Disney, Time-Warner, News Corp., GE, and CBS program the nation’s airwaves, and therefore the nation’s agenda. Sadly this explains a lot of what’s wrong with our democracy, which relies on a free and independent press, and suggests a fix.

The mission of these company’s is to increase profits. The government long ago mandated that in exchange for control of the public’s airwaves, they would act in certain proscribed ways to promote the public interest. And as Moyers put it on Friday night, that doesn’t necessarily mean what the public’s interested in! Internet freedom, a diversity of voices, access and an independent press are all vital issues for media and for this nation’s democracy. Check out for more info. Will be debriefing on this blog over the next week.

2008-06-08 13:35:44

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