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Do you vote? Would you like to be able to see the election results your tax dollars paid for on the City’s web site? If so, please take one minute to submit a request for access to the City’s password protected election web site. You may do so here. The appropriate legalese has been written for you– all you need to do is add your name and address.

What’s going on? Activist Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg recently asked the city’s election officials to ditch the passwords and allow the public to view the election results. Residents of the suburban counties have been able to do this for years (check out Chester County’s election web site.)

No brainer, right?

In Philadelphia things are never that simple. Three independently elected officials called the City Commissioners run our city’s elections. The Commissioners refused Ackelsberg’s request.

Unfortunately the Commissioners did not see the value of allowing voters to see the election results their votes created. The Commissioners are led by their 75 year old chairwoman, Margaret Tartaglione, and no not report to Mayor Michael Nutter.

Ackelsberg, one of the guys who runs the Young Philly Politics web site, wants your help to encourage the Commissioners to open their web site. Ackelsberg is asking residents to flood the Commissioners with so many requests for passwords to their invitation only web site, that they’ll have to open the web site to everyone.

“i don’t know if you have been following my fight with the Commissioner’s Office about electronic election returns, ” Ackelsberg wrote me earlier this month, “Basically, I have made various requests/demands that they take down their password protection, and let everyone view election results. Currently, only connected people get passwords, and everyone else can look at paper copies at some point at Delaware/Spring Garden. There are a million different problems with giving preferential treatment to politicians and their friends, and I also believe it to be illegal.”

Thank you for considering this request for your help. Together with other concerned Philadelphians, we can send a powerful message to our city’s election officials that their web site should be open to all and not just the connected few.


Ed Goppelt

2008-07-22 07:21:50

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