Post Carbon Cities at Water Works

Press Release

Is your city prepared for global warming and peak oil?

  • What will happen to the local economy when oil reaches $150 a barrel?
  • How will global warming affect the regional water supply?
  • How should we plan for transportation, land use, and public safety while facing huge uncertainties about energy and climate?

Post Carbon Cities: Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty by Daniel Lerch is the first book that gives a hands-on guide for planners and concerned citizens to translate their concerns into city policy and plan in response to the universal challenges of our era.

The Water Department has generously agreed to host our evening evening event for Daniel Lerch at the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center, with thanks to Ursula Reed and Ed Grushefski.

The event is set for Thursday evening, November 8, 6:30 to 8:30PM. We will begin with a presentation and Q & A led by Daniel Lerch, continue with refreshments and informal conversation. This will follow Daniel’s presentation that day at an event for planning professionals organized by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Since this is an ad hoc event, we need you to forward this notice to your email lists and contacts who are not part of DVS. The attached flyer about the tour can be circulated or downloaded.

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