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Protesters Oppose Detroit Council’s Approval of Controversial Jones Day Contract

Two Detroit residents protesting City Council’s vote to approve a $3.3 million contract between the city and the law firm Jones Day were arrested Tuesday. They were part of a group opposed to the contract, which is between the Detroit, currently under the emergency financial management of Kevin Orr, appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to steer Detroit clear of bankruptcy, and his former law firm Jones Day, where, previous to being named Emergency Financial Manager, he was a partner.

Jones Day also represents Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which owns many of Detroit’s municipal bonds. Protesters decried the blatant conflicts of interest. Emergency Manager Orr has absolute power over contracts; the declaration of the state of emergency by Governor Snyder effectively leaves Detroit without democratically elected representation in the city.

It’s been a long slow slide financially for Detroit, between racist urban renewal policies of the past, the collapse of the car industry, and incompetent city governance, and although Detroit has more recently been the hub for a sustainable community renaissance.

Detroit Got Shafted Historically & By MI Governor Snyder

Very good reporting by AlJazeeraEnglish on Detroit’s financial crisis, and the history leading up to Governor Rick Snyder’s appointment of Emergency Financial Manager Kevin Orr, a former partner at the Jones Day law firm, and described by Governor Snyder as an expert in restructuring debt.

Going Green in Detroit

Matt Naimi kicked off Detroit’s Recycle Here program, and, with partner Steve Harworth have started Michigan Green Safe, which works with Detroit businesses to provide recycled products.