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Green At Home

The Urban Homestead Do more at home to live sustainably. Tips for energy efficiency and do-it-yourself steps for creating your renewable energy home using solar, wind, and other methods. View “Your Renewable Home” on Spundge

Solar Impulse To Fly Across US Fueled By Sun

The challenge is to circle the world in an airplane that doesn’t use fossil fuels and emits no greenhouse gas, but the Solar Impulse is taking it one feat at a time. This summer, the Solar Impulse solar airplane will cross America, flying from San Francisco to New York City, spreading its environmental message as…

5 Ways Cities Are Going Green

By Bill Shaver – In recent decades, people have become more aware of the ways society affects the earth. Thousands of international cities are joining the green cities movement by striving to reduce their strain on the environment. Here are five of the most effective ways that international cities are increasing their sustainability. 1. Public…

Green Eugene Eco Home Tour

This eco-conscious resident of Eugene, OR takes viewers on a tour of her renewable home, featuring gardens based on permaculture principles, complete insulation, solar energy, water catchment systems, and recycled materials. Very impressive!