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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society News Release

Ambler, PA (April 2007)… The 2007 Kids Grow Expo will again partner with Temple University Ambler’s EarthFest to allow youngsters to celebrate Earth Day with a number of activities and interactive displays related to environmental awareness.

The Kids Grow Expo is a horticultural exhibition by and for school-age children in the greater Philadelphia region produced by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The Expo is a free event and will be held on the Temple Ambler campus, Friday, April 20, 9:30AM to 3:00PM. There will be educational exhibits, service learning projects and competitive classes in a horticultural exhibition by and for school age children from the greater Philadelphia region. The Expo creates an awareness of horticulture and the natural environment and encourages active participation of youth in plants, gardening and related activities.

The 2007 Kids Grow theme, “Radishes, Roots and ‘rithmetic“, uses horticulture to reinforce some basic mathematic principles. Like language, math is an integral part of everyday living. Counting, addition, measuring and estimating are skills youngsters must learn. Numbers are quantifiers- they tell us how many and how much. At this year’s expo there are classroom projects that use horticulture to hone math skills with simple, easy to follow activities for youngsters that help math lessons “grow”.

PHS recognizes the dedication of all the teachers and youth leaders who encourage their charges to plant a seed, make a flower arrangement or create a crafty creature. We share with them the hope that they may be grooming a “budding” horticulturist or encouraging the next generation of gardeners.

Earthfest students will compete and show their “green stuff”, there will be nature walks, arboretum tours, and more than 60 exhibitors and entertainers such as Fairmount Park, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the PA Department of Conservation and National Resources, the Philadelphia Water Department and The Philadelphia Zoo.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is a not-for-profit organization that motivates people to improve the quality of life and create a sense of community through horticulture. It sponsors the largest comprehensive greening program in the nation and partners with public and private organizations to landscape and maintain public spaces in the City’s downtown area and its gateways.

For directions and additional information, call Flossie Narducci at (215) 988-8897, or visit

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