Recycle Now!

Today at 1PM in room 400 at City Hall there will be a hearing on recycling. Philadelphia is recycling only 5 percent of its residential waste, literally throwing away $17 million every year. Come out today and support an expanded recycling program!

Also today, 100 middle school students from across the city will participate in a GreenPlan meeting. GreenPlan is the city’s comprehensive open spaces plan. “Following the format used for the 12 community GreenPlan meetings conducted this fall, students will work in small groups to share their issues and concerns for open spaces”, according to the Mayor’s office.

Engaging kids in this effort is very meaningful, not only so that they get a glimpse of what participating in public life is about, but also because most of the GreenPlan projects will only be realized over the course of decades, and will require their interest and stewardship to see through.

2007-02-22 14:00:15

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