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Theo Colborn: Chemicals in Environment Cause Endocrine Disruption

Dr. Theo Colborn, founder of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) explains in chilling detail the extent to which US industry dumps under-regulated industrial chemicals into the environment, and the health problems endocrine disruptors cause humans, including ADHD, diabetes, autism, thyroid disorders, infertility, and abnormal gonadal development. Not stuff you want. The problem is, the Toxic…

TedTalk: Bill Davenhall on Geo-Medicine and Environmental Toxins

Bill Davenhall got to thinking about the influence of all the places he’d lived and the air he’d breathed in various environments. And he wondered why all the carbon dioxide, particulate matter, benzene, ozone and other environmental hazards weren’t a part of his medical record. In fact, that information could have helped doctors predict his heart attack.

Mapping Toxic Release Inventory data tracked by the Environmental Protection Agency and merging it with a person’s “place history” – geo-medicine – gives people and their doctors crucial information concerning health risks.