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What’s So Great About Bitcoin?

There’s lot’s to like about Bitcoin, the Internet currency that’s been in the spotlight of late. It’s a completely digital, secure, anonymous and decentralized way to transfer currency for goods and services. Sure, you can’t buy groceries at the store with bitcoin – yet. But the number of transactions goes up daily, from 1000 to 50,000 per day over the past two years.

Bitcoin is currently experiencing a bubble. A single bitcoin that may have been worth a dollar or two a few years ago cashes in today for around $140. Lots of people getting interested real fast! You can buy and sell bitcoins, but you can also “mine” them, by having your computer solve mathematical puzzles buried in “blocks” of code. You solve the problem, you earn 25 bitcoin. A new block of code is generated every ten minutes. There’s an ultimate limit to bitcoin of 21 million by the year 2140. It’s a fascinating system.

Because bitcoin doesn’t use central banks, banks are starting to take notice too. Imagine a world without banks that are “too big to fail.”

Here’s an intro to bitcoin:

Senator Marco Rubio Skeptical About Climate Change

Senator Marco Rubio says that he believes that there is a credible argument to be made that climate change is not man-made, and more importantly, he said, there may be nothing government can or should do about it. He also said that the US shouldn’t pass any laws unless other big polluter countries, like China,…

San Francisco Zero Waste by 2020

GreenMarketingTV talks with San Francisco Department of the Environment’s Jared Blumenfeld about the ambitious sustainability goals for the city, which include:

  • Zero Waste by 2020
  • A Ban on Plastic Bags
  • Elimination of Worst Pesticides
  • All Buildings Follow LEED-Gold Standard
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits for Homeowners
  • Affordable Energy Audits for Business
  • Citywide Composting and Recycling

Green Will Save Us

I am a huge fan of Van Jones and his “Green for All” message . The man’s a modern day Prometheus. The message he developed, the connection he made between a community in need in his base of Oakland, CA, and the call to slow global warming, an ailing planet, is brilliant. The man deserves…

Politics As Usual?

Green City Journal hosted a forum on November 8th for the closing night of Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association’s (PIFVA) expo “Politics As Usual?”, which highlighted political documentaries made by local filmmakers. I moderated a forum with local activists: Jerry Silberman, sustainability advocate and negotiator for PASNAP , Philly for Change’s David Sternberg, Casino…

SBN: People, Planet, Profits

True success cannot always be measured, even in business. For over a decade the Buy Local movement has been gaining ground, promoting a view that supports economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable business practices that strengthen communities. The sustainable business model advocates profitability through such unorthodox practices as collaboration, even with competitors, profit sharing with employees,…

Can We Take the Heat?

by Nathaniel Popkin In six to ten years, in a minor but important step in the response to Global Warming (air travel is the fastest growing emitter of carbon dioxide), a substantial portion of express air travel is likely to be outlawed or heavily taxed. To the delight of many of us, the federal government,…